16 June 2023

CYP UPPER: Spectacular Sports Days

We have a had a very sporty week at the Upper School this week as our annual sports days have been taking place.  The children have really risen well to the occasion and their behaviour and attitude has been outstanding.

To begin the day, the children completed a carousel of activities that showcased different sporting skills.  These were: A space hopper or three legged race; an egg and spoon race; the javelin throw; bean bag throw, sack race and penalty shoot out.

Once they had then completed these, and after a good break in the shade, we moved on to our races.  Well done to all the children who took part in our races.  The results were as follows:


Year 3 Year 4 Year 5  Year 6
1st place – Sailor and Tolibat 1st place – Tommy and Alana 1st place – Nealan and Mariam 1st place – Jack and Deimante
2nd place – Jack and Cayla 2nd place – Emerson and Olive 2nd place – Taylan and Ruby 2nd place – Fred and Gamu
3rd place- Guney and Izzy 3rd place-  Jack and Lucy 3rd place- Theon and Sienna 3rd place-  Luke and Ruby

Long Distance

Year 3 Year 4 Year 5  Year 6
1st place –  Ayaana and Harry 1st place – Sebastian and Lily-Matilde 1st place – Lea and Nicolas 1st place – Elsie and Alex
2nd place – Nia and Dara 2nd place – Ben and Tess 2nd place – Ian G and Holly 2nd place – Xavier and Elif
3rd place- Summer and Bobbie 3rd place- Edward and Kendra 3rd place-  Ralph and Flora 3rd place-  Tiago and Romy

Tug of War

This year’s ‘Tug of War’ champions are:

Year 3 Draw between Holly, Cedar and Birch
Year 4 Lime Class
Year 5 Willow Class
Year 6 Oak Class

Following this, the points were all added together.  The winners of the Year 3 and 4 Sports Day were Olympia and Year 5 and 6 was won by Athens.  These points will now be totalled and the overall winner announced in assembly on Monday.

Thank you to Miss Barker for all your hard work and organisation and to all the staff for their participation and enthusiasm.  Thank also to our PTFA volunteers for cold providing drinks during the hot weather.  It was greatly appreciated.  Finally, a huge thank you to all the parents and carers who joined us. We really appreciate your support.



Ms Binks and the Cypress Upper Team 


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Published on 16th June, 2023

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