07 February 2023

CYP Upper: Safer Internet Day

Today is ‘Safer Internet Day’ and the children at the Upper site are busy exploring how to stay safe online.  We started the day with an assembly from Mr Shipley.  He told us all about this year’s theme ‘Want to Talk About It?’.  Mr Shipley encouraged us to think about the things we enjoy doing online and the importance of talking.  We then explored negative behaviours that happen online and how these can make us feel.  Mr Shipley helped us identify adults at home and school who we could always talk to at home and at school if we were worried about behaviours online.  We also discussed how we could help a friend who was worried about things they had seen online.

In class today, we are all learning about online safety.  Years 3,4, and 5 are considering different types of behaviours online and ranking them. They are exploring different scenarios and using these to create their own online safety videos.  In Year 6, the children are extending their learning further by considering the positive and negative influences social media and influencers can have on our lives and whether we can believe everything we hear and see online.

Today we are encouraging all our children and families to make space for regular conversations about life online.

If you would like to find out more about keeping safe online, please click here 

Ms Binks

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Published on 7th February, 2023

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