09 November 2022


For those of you who haven’t met me yet, I’m Seve, Miss Chapman’s 18 month old Golden Retriever. I’ve always wanted to work in a school because I love children and once I qualified as a Therapy Dog, my dream came true and today I started working at Cypress Primary! My day started with meeting all the children who come to Breakfast Club and they were all so kind to me, I think I’ve made friends fur-ever! I then met so many of the children and parents/carers on the gate with Mrs Sorensen and Miss Chapman; in fact I was so overwhelmed by being such a celebrity today that I thought the pup-arazzi might be following me! Lots of the children from Upper School made a special trip down the hill to come and say hello to me.

During the day, I spent time in some of the classes meeting the children at Lower, as well as doing some small group sessions in Miss Chapman’s office. I can’t believe how well the children can read and everyone treated me so kindly. I have never had so many strokes and cuddles in my life and Miss Chapman was on hand to make sure everyone knew the best way to approach me and to play with me. I can’t wait to get around all the classes in due paws. In the afternoon I made myself at home in Nursery and met lots of adorable children (some of whom called me darling!); it was fun in there!

Thank you everyone for a lovely first day and can’t wait to see you all again very soon! I’m going to have a relaxing evening watching my favourite film: Harry Paw-ter.

Seve the Cypress Superdog

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Published on 9th November, 2022

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