26 January 2024

CYP: Making leaps in our learning

This week at Cypress, we have seen so many children working hard and making big steps in their learning.  The children are really proud of their achievements and the progress they are making.

At the Lower School, we have been thinking about our Pegasus Values.  In assembly, the children were able to give good examples for each of the values and could talk about how we can use them in the classroom and around the school.  The children have been working hard to show that they care, have good manners, are proud of themselves and others, are healthy and can learn independently.  We are so pleased with how they are demonstrating these values around the school.

At the Upper School, we have been thinking about capitalising on resources. We know that we have to make good use of resources around us to be successful in the classroom and in life. In the classroom we use many resources, including:  the working wall, word banks, information books, the internet, as well as our teachers and teaching assistants to support us to be successful! This week we are working hard to make conscious choices in the classroom to improve our outcomes.

Cypress Superstars

At the Lower School this week, we have had so many visitors to the office to show their wonderful work.  It is great to see so many children taking such pride in their work and making good progress.  Dejhonte in Blue Class visited the office with his amazing maths work.  He has worked hard to understand how to record his work in a number sentence after making it with concrete apparatus. Great work Dejhonte!  Debbie, Jasmine, Clara, Jacob, Max and Jaydah in Blue Class came to show their amazing writing.  It was so good that Miss Chapman thought Mrs Dutton had written them but it was all their own work. Amelia, Omir, David, Hamdi, Hugo, Lovell, Poppy, Raine and Winnie in Green Class came to see us with some amazing letter writing.  Their writing was so impressive and showed how much they had learnt from their Toy Workshop last week.  In Turquoise Class, the children have been learning about division by grouping.  Musawer, Heidi, Corey and Eve and Phoebe-Rose came to visit with some fantastic maths.  It was impressive how they had used their knowledge of times tables to help them with their division grouping.  Reception have been working very hard learning all about ‘The Gruffalo’ as part of their monster topic.  Elsie, Delilah, Camille and Joshua in Yellow Class have produced some fantastic paintings including of his key features.  In Orange Class, Rita and Ophelia came to show their amazing writing.  They had labelled all the parts of the Gruffalo correctly and used their phonics to help them with their spelling.

At the Upper School, Lime class children: Gilbert, Hanna and Ayisha wowed Mrs Wayman and I with their amazing Spanish knowledge. We tested them on the names of fruits in Spanish and they were impressive! Keep up the enthusiasm and dedication to your sessions! Joe, Tyren and Chidimma from Beech class came to share their strategies for finding a percentage of a number. They explained their methods with great confidence, demonstrating a clear understanding of the maths and the task! Well done!

Sycamore class delivered an informative and entertaining assembly this morning. They shared key facts from their thematic topic, the Vikings, debunking myths and and us an insight into why the Vikings invaded and settled in particular areas. They finished the assembly with a Viking sea shanty. Well done to Ms Pumphrey and Ms Mangan for supporting the children to deliver such a polished performance.

Emad and Marcel have been displaying role model behaviour in Birch class! Emad is thoughtful and kind to all in the class, exemplifying our ‘terrific trio: kind thought, kind words, kind actions’. Marcel has been impressing his class with how prepared he is for each session, ready with all appropriate equipment and most importantly – the right mindset! Kitty and Maya in Hazel class are always working hard to manage distractions in class and as a result are making great progress! Well done for using your strategies to stay focused!

Lower School Eco Council Competition

As a follow on from Mrs Dutton’s assembly all about recycling, the Eco Council have launched a poster competition.  They have asked the children to design and make their own recycling poster to encourage everyone around school to do this.  Posters can be created on A4 paper or card.  Please ask your child to put their name and class on the back of the poster and hand it in to their class teacher by Tuesday 30th January.  The Eco Council will then meet to select the winners who will receive a special prize.

MHST Online Parent/ Carer Webinars

The MHST are running another set of Online Parent/Carer Webinars during the Spring term:

Helping your Child’s Behaviour (Primary age)   – Wed 21st Feb 5-6pm

Helping your Child with Anxiety and Worries – Wed 28th Feb 5-6pm

Looking After Yourself for Parents – Wed 6th March 5-6pm

Introduction to Autism – Wed 13th March 5-6pm

Introduction to ADHD – Wed 20th March 5-6pm

Off the Record will also be running the following workshops:

Self Harm Support for Parents/Carers (2 parts) 21st & 28th February, 6.30pm and 16th & 23rd April, 6.30pm

Support for Parents/Carers of Young People who Struggle to get to School (TBC)

Please use the link below to book:

Parent Webinars:   https://www.eventbrite.com/cc/mhst-parent-webinars-2674189?utm-campaign=social&utm-content=creatorshare&utm-medium=discovery&utm-term=odclsxcollection&utm-source=cp&aff=escb>

Off The Record’s Self Harm and EBSA Workshops: https://www.talkofftherecord.org/sutton/support-for-parents-carers/

These workshops are virtual. You will be asked to turn cameras and mics off and there is no expectation for you to speak or interact. The workshops will be psychoeducational based, with some tips and strategies.

We hope you may find some of these workshops useful.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms Binks, Mrs Carpenter and the Cypress Team

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Published on 26th January, 2024

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