01 July 2022

Celebrating EPS Scientists

All of last week, EPS pupils carried out lots of amazing scientific experiments.  Starting with Nursery,  Little Ecclesbourne, explored what objects float or sink.  The children talked about the shape and feel of the objects, discovering what makes something buoyant or not.  In Reception children made predictions and tested whether different objects would melt in the sun. They also made butter by shaking up cream really fast and observing the change from a solid to a liquid. Year 1 experimented with water, looking at how it moves and affects other materials.  Year 2 discovered how plants absorb water, using food dyes.

Year 3 experimented with what an explosive seeds dispersal looked like by using a balloon, cup and pom poms. Year 4  made bottle top rockets, using effervescent tablets. Year 5 made changes to their paper planes, recording what happened in the pursuit of a plane that would fly straight and far.  Year 6 looked at states of matter. Wow, what a week!

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Published on 1st July, 2022

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