04 June 2020

Back to school

It has been a busy week across all the schools in the Pegasus Academy Trust as we prepare for a wider reopening and the return of some pupils from selected year groups. For more information about the reopening of our schools and who may return, please see here.

All staff have been on site for important Health and Safety training so that they can keep themselves and the children safe when they come back to school.  Everyone has been busy preparing the classrooms, playgrounds and corridors so that we can minimise the risk to pupils, staff and the wider community by making sure that everyone can adhere to social distancing guidelines when in school.

When the children return, things will look very unfamiliar and all the schools will sadly not look as welcoming as they usually do.  Parents and children will be expected to observe social distancing at all times and to pay attention to signs and instructions from staff when dropping off and collecting.  This way we can keep everyone safe.  All schools will have issued separate guidance about entrances, exits and the expectations for arriving at school but please prepare your children for things to be very different when you return on either Monday or Thursday morning.  To help you prepare, there are a number of pictures below from across the Trust.  Please have a look through and share with your children so that they know what to expect.  Although the classrooms look a little bare and the schools a little stark, I can assure you that the staff are excited to see the children and we promise to give them a warm welcome back.

Around all the schools there will be signs and markings with clear instructions.  Playgrounds will look different and equipment will be out of use.  Please follow instructions closely.

As well as your child not necessarily being in their usual classroom or with their usual teacher, classrooms have had furniture removed so that children are kept apart..

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Published on 4th June, 2020

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