30 November 2021

Additional COVID measures now in place across the Trust

With recent higher numbers of COVID cases across the UK the SLT of the Pegasus Academy Trust has put in place some new precautionary measures to keep us all safe as we enter the last weeks of term.  We believe these measures are proportionate and we ask our whole school community to help us by adhering to these new protocols:

  1. School offices will remain open but visitors should now wear face coverings again when they enter the building.  Please also use the hand sanitiser provided;
  2. Staff will be asked to wear face coverings in shared areas and when speaking to parents at the beginning and ending of the school day.  Please be respectful of this;
  3. Parents should maintain social distancing at drop off and pick up times, including when speaking to staff.  Parents and Carers are not yet required to wear masks on the premises when outside although many are choosing to do so;
  4. In some cases assemblies will be reduced in size or changed to ‘GoogleMeets’ which can be watched in classrooms.  Staff will wear masks when not actively involved in the assembly.  All our halls are well ventilated;
  5. Co2 monitors have been installed in many teaching spaces.  An alarm sounds when these devices detect Co2 at above 1500 parts per million.  Staff will ‘flush’ the air in the room should this happen – allowing fresh air in.  Staff will continue to pay attention to maintaining good levels of ventilation in classrooms;
  6. Enhanced cleaning regimes remain in place.

We are aware that classes and schools elsewhere in Croydon have had to close because of COVID but we have been fortunate so far in that this has not happened in any school within the Trust.  The key risk to classes closing is that staff will get ill and we will not have enough staff to safely run the schools.  Please help to keep everyone safe by following the new protocols above.

Many thanks for your help with this

Jolyon Roberts
Executive Headteacher

Published on 30th November, 2021

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