15 September 2023

A fantastic week at Cypress

We are so proud of how our youngest children in Rainbows, Nursery and Reception have been settling into their new classes.  Our lunch hall has been particularly busy this week as Early Years have been joining us for lunches.  We have been really impressed with how children have been collecting their lunches, eating independently and getting used to our new routines.  We hope that everyone has been enjoying their yummy lunches! Y3 have been settling into school life at the Upper site well, enjoying all of the new routines; Year 3 are also very excited about all of the additional opportunities for responsibility that comes with being at the Upper School.  Eco and School Council are recruiting this half-term!  If your child wants to be involved, please ask them to complete the  Class Representative manifesto sent home, or look out for the Eco-council application form coming your way next week.

At the Lower school this week we have been learning about ‘Building Learning Powers’ and how it’s OK to make mistakes, because we learn from them.  At the Upper school we have been learning to plan for our distractions. We know that to be successful we have to consider our learning environment, frame of mind and physical state. We enjoyed watching a video in assembly that showed just what can happen if you do not preconsider your distractions!  Mrs Ebrahim (our Inclusion Manager) led an assembly on Thursday  and today reminding both KS1 and KS2 children who they can talk to in school if they ever have any worries.

Recognition boards

In line with our new behaviour policy, each classroom has a ‘recognition board’ where we celebrate children’s successes and achievements.  Each week, we (Mrs Sorensen and Mrs Carpenter) also have children coming to us to share their work and achievements and we love sharing this in our weekly news story.

At the Lower School this week we were pleased to celebrate children in our Rainbow assembly today for their achievements.  It’s been great to hear so many children remembering our Terrific Trio: Kind actions, kind thoughts, kind words.  Tate in Blue class has worked independently in maths this week and we are so proud of his efforts!  In Turquoise class Malaika, Aleksy and Musawer have been writing about ‘The Lonely Beast’ using past tense verbs including some really engaging adjectives.  Well done to Joey, Maqdis and Ailani for their Tudor shield printing.  They created their unique designs independently and then printed them using different colours.

At the Upper School I had Rosie visit to show me some independent maths work. Rosie worked well to compare numbers and determine which was biggest. She explained her method clearly and justified her answers! Great work Rosie! Taylor had learnt numbers to 12 in Spanish and could recite them all perfectly! Lily, Sophie, Reuben, Amanda and Cillian performed a greetings song in Spanish, learnt during their Spanish sessions with Mrs Sa Walmsley; it was fantastic! It was so good, that I wanted to share it! Please click the audio below to listen:


Jayden came to see me with independent maths work. He could confidently round four digit numbers to the nearest 100 and even engaged in a on the spot quiz in the office, which he aced! Well done Jayden. Caitlin and Basil came to see me with their well-designed cereal packagaing. Very attractive and eye-catching! Well done both!


We use Studybugs at Cypress as our main way of sending out information, letters and correspondence to families and try to avoid sending paper letters out wherever possible.  We encourage all families to download the Studybugs App.  If you are new to Cypress or unfamiliar with Studybugs then please read more here.  We currently have 79% of Cypress families using the Studybugs App and it would be great if we could increase this even more.

Newsletters and diary dates

All year groups have been sent home with a copy of their newsletter today.  Please check your child’s bag for a paper copy and we’ve also sent these out via Studybugs.  Our calendar has been updated with key dates for this term, but please continue to keep an eye on our website for any changes or additions.  We have an exciting term ahead!

Makaton sign of the week

This week at the Lower School we have been learning the sign ‘to catch’.  Ask your child to show you, or click here.

We hope everyone has a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Mrs. Carpenter, Mrs. Sorensen and the Cypress team

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Published on 15th September, 2023

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