11 July 2023

Ecclesbourne and Cypress Rock

What a way to close off an amazing musical year! The choirs from both Cypress and Ecclesbourne joined forces last Wednesday to perform as the ‘Pegasus Academy Choir’ at the Schools Concert in Crystal Palace Park. We opened the show on a giant festival stage that just the weekend before had been occupied by Billy Idol and Iggy Pop. Singing three super-fun numbers including California Dreaming, Hit the Road Jack and Music Makes the World Go Round, the children laughed, danced and sang their hearts out to a huge crowd. Highlights included sassy performances by Ecclesbourne’s Melissa and Sam in ‘Hit the Road Jack’, and Cypress’s Lucy powering out her solo in ‘California Dreaming’, finding an amazing new confidence in her voice.

Next up, Djembe Kings and Djembe Flames took to the stage, and what a sound they made together! Crystal Palace Park echoed louder then ever before with the furious sound of 43 djembes all hitting at once, with Mr Spoerer happily taking the lead to create a carnival atmosphere for all to hear. On leaving the stage, it was incredible to hear multiple members from both schools describing the experience as ‘the best day of our lives!’ They really brought ‚Äčthe ‘regal fire’ to their performances and their confidence was brimming with every beat. What an amazing experience for all involved.

Huge thanks to the incredible team of teachers and support staff who helped make the day possible, and to all the children who really brought their ‘A’ game to the performance.

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Published on 11th July, 2023

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