10 March 2023

EPS Year 6 children solve BIG maths problems.

Some children in Year 6 were faced with a big maths problem today.  We wanted to know how many multilink cubes it would take to fill our school hall.  We used our measuring skills, our multiplication knowledge and our understanding of the volume of shapes to try and figure it out.  Working together, we decided to figure out how many cubes would make one metre and then use this to calculate how many cubes in a cubic metre.  Once we knew this, we simply had to find out the volume of the hall and then calculate how many cubes would fit in the hall altogether.  It turns out that it is a lot and that our initial estimates were way off.  In fact, we think that we would need roughly, 85,542,187 cubes!

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Published on 10th March, 2023

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