19 January 2024

Roots of Empathy Program at WHJUN

It was so lovely for pupils in 5T Percheron Class to get started on ‘Roots of Empathy’ this week.  Roots of Empathy is a classroom-based program for school children and 5T Percheron Class are our first class to participate in this program.  With regular visits from a real baby (and mum!), and under the trained instruction of Ms James, the children will learn to identify and understand the feelings of the baby, then themselves, and the feelings of others.  The program is designed to help children develop their social emotional competence, learning how to create connections and healthy relationships which support their mental wellbeing and resilience.  On Wednesday, 5T Percheron Class met their ‘Tiny Teacher’ – Royell.  Welcome to the Whitehorse staff, Royell!  We are looking forward to seeing the impact of the program over the year and finding out more about how ‘Love Grows Brains’.

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Published on 19th January, 2024

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