10 March 2023

ATW Pupils visit Whitgift

The Whitgift Primary Project

As mentioned in this week’s main Newsletter, here is a more in-depth report from this wonderful experience.  I would like to extend my thanks to Mr Ramsay, the Headmaster of Whitgift, for welcoming Atwood (and other Croydon primaries) year after to year to his very special school.

Miss Carlucci now takes over:

‘The year 5 children had an amazing time this week being part of Whitgift School’s primary project, which has been running for 23 very successful years. This special experience allows around 35 local schools pupils to immerse themselves in some fascinating lessons. The Atwood children had a chance to programme robots and microbots, code using ‘scratch’ and create their very own ‘kahoot’, all before lunch.

During the afternoon, our pupils were engaged in Chinese mandarin lessons where they got the chance to learn how to use different Chinese tones and write simplified modern Chinese characters. The day took a musical turn and the children played djembe drums to create an ensemble piece with beat and rhythm techniques. The science lesson was a great hit, where they learnt about reversible and irreversible materials. The children got the chance to experiment with bunsen burners to heat materials such as wax, bread, zinc oxide and even white chocolate.

It’s safe to say, the year 5’s have had a fantastic week full of unforgettable memories!’

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Published on 10th March, 2023

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