25 March 2024

4S Camargue Class Assembly

I always think that the best class assemblies just tell parents what you are getting up to at school, because we all know that whenever you ask a child what they did at school the first response is usually: Nothing!  So, for parents, the average school day is a bit of a mystery.  On Friday, 4S Camargue shed light on the mystery with a detailed description of what they have been learning and what the day is like in class.  Tiny Turtle (poor Tiny!) made an appearance for Maths Mastery, never getting it right, so that our mathematicians can demonstrate their ability to reason about maths by explaining why Tiny is wrong.  The daily mile featured, as did Varjak Paw inspired poems and Roman soldiers.  Clearly a lot goes on in a day at school.  Well done 4S, it was lovely to share your learning with you.

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Published on 25th March, 2024

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