27 February 2024

EPS – Year 3 workshop with Redstart

Our year 3 children started the week off with a fantastic workshop with RedSTART.  RedSTART are a charity who deliver financial education to primary school children.  RedSTART brought along volunteers from Croydon’s pension department, who wanted to get involve and support children in a Croydon school.  During the workshops, children had a range of play-based games and practical activities that allowed them to experience earning, saving and budgeting money for themselves. They role-played various jobs to earn £25, then were tasked to ‘go shopping’ on a budget and make decisions about which items were essential and which were luxury.  The sessions allowed children to have great conversations around the topic of finance.  The children had a brilliant time and we would like to thank RedSTART and volunteers from Croydon for visiting Ecclesbourne and look forward to working with them in the future.

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Published on 27th February, 2024

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