25 February 2022

CYPUPPER: Like A Rolling Stone

This Thursday saw Year 3 start their new thematic topic in the best way possible – by dressing up and experiencing prehistory first hand. Our second thematic topic “Like A Rolling Stone” is all about Prehistoric Britain; from the Palaeolithic Stone Age, all the way up to the Iron Age until the Roman invasion of Britain. We had some incredible costumes, clubs and seriously stone-age hair. In school, we created our own paints in a prehistoric style by crushing pigments and mixing them with oil, as well as using charcoal to have a go at making marks similar to those found in prehistoric caves. The highlight of our day was the visit to a prehistoric roundhouse at Ecclesbourne School where we were introduced to prehistoric life by Twig and Ochre. They taught us many things including; how ancient people hunted and prepared food, how they lit fires and cooked their food and the many varieties of tools and weapons they used. Our day has inspired us to learn so much more about Prehistoric Britain. The new Thematic project grids are now available on your class blogs. We look forward to seeing your completed projects posted on the blog but in the meantime have a look at the photos from the day!

The Year 3 Team

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Published on 25th February, 2022

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