22 October 2021

Black British History Extravaganza at Whitehorse Manor Junior School!

Wow! What a fantastic week we have had. Staff and pupils have been celebrating Black History Month in a myriad of exciting and creative ways.

Children from Year 3 were treated to a cooking session, Caribbean style with none other than our very own midday supervisor Delores Reid.  They learnt how to make salt fish fishcakes/fritters and fry plantain and happily munched on plantain crisps. Delicious!

Now at Whitehorse Juniors we are lucky enough to have our very own drama and theatre practitioner Ms Madukah-Gordon who delivered an interactive drama workshop that allowed the children to act in role and explore and empathise with the stories of Black Britons.  They used a variety of stimuli to devise drama based on the ‘Forgotten Soldiers’ and the ‘Bristol Bus Boycotts’.

Year 6 children were visited by Paula Perry the co-author of Black British History – Black Influences on British Culture (1948-2016).  She regaled them with information from the book about Migrants to Britain and their impact on the NHS.  Several lucky children managed to win prizes for their brilliant understanding and quick responses in the session.

Our week closed with a parade of vibrant, traditional attire bursting with colour, as children donned outfits to celebrate their cultures, before a delicious lunch of jerk chicken, coconut rice and peas and a spicy vegetable patty.  Desert the children were treated to a gingery treat to tantalise their taste buds. What a feast!

However, the most spectacular part of our week was the launch of the Whitehorse Manor Junior Emporium of Black History.  Miss Tye, Miss Sewell and Ms Madukah, transformed the standard library into a museum of wonder and wisdom.  Artefacts, instruments, music, games, clothing, food and facts from around the black diaspora adorned our gallery.  Festooned with fabrics and flags it became a favourite place of learning and celebration of Black British Culture.

We have celebrated the rich and diverse history of Great Britain and the many contributions of Black people to this nation. Every year group has produced some amazing work around their given topic (Year 3- Black British Victorians, Year 4- The Bristol Bus Boycott, Year 5- The forgotten Soldiers and Year 6- Notting Hill Carnival). Well done everyone!

A fantastic week has been had by all! A big Thank you is to be given to all of the staff at Whitehorse who kindly contributed the most amazing artefacts to make the museum come alive. A great team effort.

Please have a look at some of the photos.



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Published on 22nd October, 2021

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