24 November 2022

Atwood’s Big Debate for Key Stage Two #4

Results from the previous Big Debate #3- Should young athletes put sport first?

At the time of writing 83.3% of respondents (people who contributed to the Poll) said that young athletes ‘Should NOT put sport first’.  Many respondents were very clear in saying that eduction is the key to a successful life and that sport should come second to that.

Big Debate #4: Should we sweep leaves on our streets?

You can either have your say via the Google Form that has been placed on your Google Classroom page, or by accessing the Google Form using this link:Should we sweep leaves on our streets?

What you need to know

  • In autumn, when leaves from the trees fall onto roads and streets, they can cause lots of problems such as blocked drains, which can lead to flooding.
  • In Cardiff, the council has asked people to take part in a leaf-sweeping scheme called ‘the Big Sweep‘, for the seventh year running.  The council provides bags for volunteers to clear leaves and then collects them when the bags are full.
  • Some residents in Cardiff love the scheme and think it’s a really fun way to meet each other people in the community.  However, others believe it is not their job and should be done by people who work for the council instead.

Read below to help you make your decision


  1. It can be dangerous for leaves to pile up in the street because they get wet and trun slippery.  People can slip over and hurt themselves.
  2. It’s helpful for council workers who are not able to sweep all of the leaves themselves.
  3. It encourages people to meet and spend time neighbours whom they might not know, and it means the streets are tidier. 


  1. The council should be doing it because that’s what people people pay them to do.
  2. If other bits of rubbish get caught up with the leaves, they can’t be composted safely and then it can end up in landfill.  There might be broken glass or dog mess mixed in with the leaves, which could be dangerous.
  3. Insects and mammals use leaves as shelter in the winter, so they should be left there to encourage more wildlife.

Go on, have your say, and I will reveal the results of the survey in our next Big Debate.

Mr Veale



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Published on 24th November, 2022

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