11 November 2022

Atwood’s Big Debate for Key Stage 2 #2

Results from the previous Big Debate #1- Do good manners matter?

At the time of writing 100% of respondents (people who contributed to the Poll) said that ‘Do good manners matter?’.  Indeed, we are a polite bunch at Atwood!

Big Debate #2: Are climate protests going too far?

You can either have your say via the Google Form that has been placed on your Google Classroom page, or by accessing the Google Form using this link: Are climate protests going too far?

What you need to know

  • On October 14th, Just Stop Oil protesters threw soup over Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting, Sunflowersat the National Gallery in London.
  • Just Stop Oil want the UK government to stop giving licenses to companies to produce fossil fuels.
  • Fossil Fuels, such as oil, coal and natural gas, contribute to climate change (long-term changes in weather patterns, including rising temperatures).
  • In 2021, protest groups Insulate Britain and Extinction Rebellion blocked roads to urge the UK government to take action to tackle climate change.

Read below to help you make your decision


  1. Controversial protests are not needed- they can annoy people and make them less likely to support efforts to tackle climate change.
  2. Often targets of the protests, such as van Gogh’s Sunflowers paintings, have nothing to do with climate change.
  3. Many of the protests affect ordinary people rather than those who have the power to do something about climate change.  They are not fair.


  1. Climate change is an urgent issue that governments are not doing enough to solve.  Disruptive protests draw attention to the problem.
  2. The protests are not hurting anyone or even damaging objects.  They only cause disruption for a short time.
  3. Disruptive protests have helped women, people of colour and LGBTQ groups achieve equal rights.  They are necessary to achieve real change.  

Go on, have your say, and I will reveal the results of the survey in our next Big Debate.

Mr Veale



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Published on 11th November, 2022

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