03 March 2023

BINF – Looking for London Landmarks!

Today, Year 2 at Beulah Infants took London by storm. We walked to Thornton Heath train station and caught the train to London Bridge station.  Then we stomped over London Bridge, spotting famous London landmarks.  We first visited The Monument and took time to read all the plaques. We saw pudding lane and the site where Thomas Faryner’s bakery stood. We then visited the beautiful St Dunstan’s in the East church before finally reaching The Garden at 120 for lunch and stunning panoramic views of London.  Finally, we walked back to London Bridge to travel back to school by train.

Here are some reflections from their trip to London:

  • David: “I enjoyed standing on London Bridge!”
  • Safia: “The trip was awesome!”
  • Viktor: “I thought the monument was amazing!”

Every single child in year 2 was impeccably behaved.  We are very proud of the children and hope that everyone enjoyed our London adventure!  Thank you to our parent volunteers for their support.

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Published on 3rd March, 2023

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