18 July 2023

BINF – Leavers Assembly 2023

Last week, we were treated to bittersweet productions from our Year 2 classes – Lilac and Indigo. Through acting, singing and dancing, they shared their favourite memories of Beulah Infants from Reception to Year 2. There were a lot of memories about trips, assemblies and learning.

Here are some highlights:

Lilac’s performance of ‘Hello’ was worthy of a larger stage. Their voices were clear and we were even treated to a djembe drum performance from Damian.

Indigo’s assembly was their witty game show, ‘Trip Down Memory Lane’. As part of their performance they brought the West End Musical of Matilda to our hall by singing ‘Naughty’.

From the assembly, it is clear that they have enjoyed their time at Beulah infants and have learnt a lot. There were tears and smiles of joy to see how far our lovely cohort has come. Their learning journeys are not over but they are off to newer pastures. Wherever they go, they will surely be amazing. We wish them all the very best as they proceed to Key Stage 2.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended both assemblies.

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Published on 18th July, 2023

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