10 November 2023


Year 2 have been learning all about the Tudors and Henry VIII. Recently, children from Beulah Infants had the opportunity to visit a Tudor Palace – Hampton Court.  After hearing that Hampton Court was Henry’s favourite palace, the children were very excited to walk around and see where Henry would have lived. They walked through Henry’s soot stained kitchens and were astonished at how many pies were eaten in Tudor times. While wandering through Henry Viii’s apartments, the children examined the portraits of each wife. One child stated that Anne of Cleves was actually beautiful – contrary to Henry’s opinion.   This year, the children had a workshop where they planned a Tudor banquet. The children explored various parts of the palace to find the most suitable place and eventually chose the ‘Great Hall’. All the children agreed that the ‘Great Hall’ would be the best place for a party because of the beautiful stained glass and the wall tapestries.

The children had a lovely day out and we would like to thank the parents who volunteered to support us on this trip.

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Published on 10th November, 2023

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