03 March 2022

Y6 travel back in time at the British Museum

Last week Year 6 went to the British Museum to conclude their learning about Ancient Egypt. They were able to see first-hand the artefacts that they have learnt about and just how much they tell us about how people in ancient Egypt lived, what they believed and what they thought was important.  When we looked at their mummified cats, stunning jewellery, carefully carved pots, ancient papyrus scrolls and of course the Rosetta Stone, we thought about how the original owners had never anticipated that people would be looking at their belongings now, thousands of years in the future.


It was the first time that children from EPS had visited the Samsung classroom at the British Museum, full of the latest technology.  In this classroom all learning was through a mobile phone which projected the children’s ideas and feedback onto massive screens around the classroom. Inspired by the paintings from the tomb of Nebamun, year 6 created a digital collage which represented the aspects of their lives that are important to them. They used green screen technology and learnt basic image editing skills to create their collage.  One of the chief exhibitors came to meet the children and was very impressed by the depth of the children’s understanding of Ancient Egypt – Mrs Roberts, Ms Chapman and Mr Winborn were very proud! It was a great trip, thank you to all our teachers and parents who supported us.  Here are some examples of the children’s collages.

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Published on 3rd March, 2022

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