25 May 2023

Tents and Tubes at lunchtime at Atwood

Tents and Tubes during lunchtime play

With the warmer weather, we have brought out the canvas once again. You will have noticed that we have moved the bell tent on to the field from the orchard and this is now the ‘lego station’.  We have put up the green ‘scout tent’ and the children love pretending this is a school, post office, space ship and the like!

Outdoor education, learning and fun is central to our philosophy for teaching the ‘whole child’ here at Atwood.  We know that some children love to build and problem solve, and to use their imagination.  All they need is some basic equipment and they are engineers and builders.   This week the children built a huge marble run using the old milk crates, guttering and downpipes.

I very much enjoyed seeing children of all ages working alongside each other and collaborating on a project.

Mr Veale


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Published on 25th May, 2023

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