15 December 2022

Snowflakes, snowflakes, little snowflakes at EPS Nursery

What a week we have had!   We arrived at school on Monday all wrapped up to make sure we could play outside in the snow.  We talked about the change in weather and the importance of remembering to keep ourselves warm when outside, by putting on our warm clothes. We made marks in the snow, rolled snow balls, built snow men and watched the snow flakes twirling from the sky.  We loved seeing how our outside area had been transformed.

On Tuesday we had another exciting day, carefully exploring how the snow had changed overnight.  We talked about how different it felt, as some snow had melted, but some had turned to hard ice.  We came up with lots of ideas as to why this happened. We explored the different shapes and types of snow and ice, making pots of special wintery soup.

For weeks we have been working really hard on perfecting our Christmas songs and we loved entertaining our grown ups during our performance.  We really hope you enjoyed watching our show and it put you in the Christmas spirit. We loved showing off our singing and our actions for you!


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Published on 15th December, 2022

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