06 March 2023

Atwood’s Well being Post for Spring Term 2

Value your Achievements- this article links with Atwood’s children focussing on the Value of Mutual Respect and the celebration of diversity.

In this half term’s well being article, we encourage children (and ourselves) to value our achievements in order to promote our mental health and overall well being.

In the modern world, it is so easy to keep comparing ourselves to others.  In some respects, this is perfectly healthy as making comparisons may make us aspire to be like someone that we admire or ape somebody else’s achievements.

Why is it so easy to compare ourselves to others?

Whether it’s the number of goals you have scored at football or how many books you’ve read, it’s easy to compare yourselves to others.  Scientists say that this is a natural behaviour that helps humans learn from each other, live happily and achieve more.  Although comparing can be good for you, it’s not always helpful and you can find yourself stuck in a comparison trap.  This is when you always measure yourself against others and base your feelings on how well they seem to be doing.


Can comparisons be good for you?

Comparison can make us feel good and bad about ourselves. ‘Comparing up’ means seeing someone doing better than you and using that to inspire yourself to aim that little but higher, however it can make you feel really bad.  In turn, this can knock your self confidence and your self belief.  This is known as ‘comparing down’.


The Importance of Self-Worth - PsychAlive

So what can we all do about it?

If your feelings depend on what other people are doing ‘surround yourself with cheerleaders’.  Notice how other people make you feel and spend time with friends who celebrate your uniqueness and your particular strengths, rather than keep comparing yourself with others.

And so in summary- positive comparisons

  • Instead of trying to be the best, aim to be your best
  • Celebrate your progress instead of the final result.  It really doesn’t matter if someone is better than you at something, it’s how hard you try.  Also remember that there will be things that other people find in you that you are really good at and they may wish they could be as just as good too!
  • Set some goals and track your progress.  Instead of saying ‘I can’t do it’ say ‘I can’t do it yet.


The Key to Self-Esteem? Your Own Accomplishments | Psychology Today United Kingdom

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Published on 6th March, 2023

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