01 March 2022

James Carter’s Zim Zam Zoom!

This morning Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 were treated to a fantastic assembly led by the poet James Carter.  ‘Grow Up’ and ‘Splish Splash Splosh’ were some of our favourites, read from James’ brand new poetry book called ‘Zim Zam Zoom!’.  Everyone joined in wonderfully and when James asked the children if they had any questions for him, we had some very philosophical and thoughtful ideas.  Jamie in Reception asked, “What is the world like?” and Bertie in Reception asked, “Does poetry need expression?”  James used a banana phone to communicate with Cypress children through Google Meet and we had great fun talking back to him through bananas and Pritt stick phones!

After assembly, James led a virtual poetry workshop for our Year 1 classes.  They worked together to create an incredible poem (see below) so please share this at home with your children, friends and family.  We can’t wait to read Year 1’s own poems later this week!

Thank you to James Carter for a fabulously interactive and fun morning of poetry!


Amazing Animal Antics

Happy as a hippo

Scratchy as a cat

Angry as a rhino

Flappy as a bat

Squeaky as a hamster

Yappy as a dog

Crawly as a spider

Happy as a frog

Spiky as a hedgehog

Buzzy as a bee

How many animals can you see?

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Published on 1st March, 2022

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