20 July 2023

First Aid Training is working wonders

First Aid at Atwood

Last week, the children in Years 1 – 6 at Atwood were very fortunate to take part in a first aid workshop from a company called ‘Mini First Aid’.  This idea came from Ethan’s Mum (Violet Class), who promoted the idea that all children if armed with the knowledge, could potentially save a life one day.  Just after this, the school council also asked for first aid training and luckily the ball was very much already rolling so we could tell them it was immediately actioned!  Miss Dunn and Ethan’s Mum put in a joint pledge to the FOAP and our amazing team fully met the pledge so all the children could experience the workshops free of charge.

Over the course of two days, the children learnt about a range of first aid information.  This included: bandaging cuts, making emergency calls, carrying our CPR and dealing with choking.  They learnt about the importance of knowing their full address including postcode in case of ever needing to make a 999 call.  The workshops were really informative, interactive and inspiring.

A huge thank you to everyone who worked hard to provide this opportunity for the children!

Miss Dunn and the Team

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Published on 20th July, 2023

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