01 March 2024

WHINF – Maths Mastery Workshop!

This week reception held a Mastering Number workshop where we invited all of the grown-ups to attend a short interactive session, to support the children’s learning in maths.  Mastering Number involves teaching children the necessary concepts to develop a deep knowledge of mathematics through an interactive approach. In the classroom, children repeat key number facts until they they are automatic, and other key mathematical concepts are learned deeply and practised regularly.  This workshop gave grown-ups an insight in to how maths is taught in Early Years and how the children can extend their learning at home. We are excited to see how you all get on with the maths activities we have sent for you to try out. A huge thank you to all of the grown-ups who could attend and join in with the workshop and Ms Staniforth and Ms Hall for organising and preparing this session for us!

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Published on 1st March, 2024

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