11 March 2022

CYP Lower – Little Cypress : Fun in the Sun!

It felt almost tropical on Thursday and the weather was such a lovely break from the cold and rain we have been experiencing on and off in the last few months. The children in Little Cypress made the very most of the sunshine with plenty of outside play, time in the Adventure Playground and in Forest School. This gorgeous weather was rather short-lived, however, and today we were back to the old familiar clouds and rain!

We have been showing a particular interest in numbers this week and have been counting, ordering and sorting objects in to groups using different criteria such as colour, size, type and so on. We have created some impressive arrays and have been singing plenty of number songs and rhymes, using our fingers to work out how many are left each time.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Little Cypress Team

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Published on 11th March, 2022

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