30 April 2024

BINF- Ready, Steady, Gold!

What a fantastic start to the new summer term!  Upon our return to school, and to our surprise, our garden looked beautiful with the flowers blossoming. The children have been very interested in observing and smelling them. Their learning has now been extended as the children are talking about how plants change because they have noticed our daffodils wilting.

Our topic in the nursery over the next few weeks is based around ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ we will be focusing on different vehicles. So far we have been learning about how vehicles are used on land and in the sea or air. The children have been very excited talking about how they travel to school each day. We have also been looking at the book ‘We All Go Travelling by’ by Sheena Roberts. As well as being a story, it is also a song which the children have loved singing along to. If you would like to listen to this with your child at home, please use this link:


In Maths, we have been learning about positional language. The children have had great fun pretending to be a train and travelling around, though, next to, over and under different obstacles in the garden.

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Published on 30th April, 2024

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