15 December 2023

Atwood Early Years performances

Singing could be heard all over the early years during the last few weeks as everyone prepared for this weeks performances.  What a festive atmosphere there has been.  None more so than on Thursday when Reception and Nursery had family in to see them sing.

In Reception the children did amazingly! They were so brave standing on stage in front of such a large audience, we were incredibly proud of them.  Their singing voices were beautiful, the actions were in time and everyone remembered what they were supposed to be doing.  This was not easy with six songs on the playlist.  Thank you to everyone who came to watch, and thank you for all of your kind comments.  We are so pleased that children and adults enjoyed it so much.

This week nursery has had lots of fun practising for our Christmas sing along.  We have also been creating different Christmas cards to send home next week.  Our phonics focus has been the sound ‘n’ and we have explored the different sounds we can make for different things such as cars, trains, cows and clocks.  Once again I would like to thank everyone that attended the Nursery Christmas sing along, the children loved seeing you there watching them I hope you had a lovely time too.

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Published on 15th December, 2023

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