14 June 2024

ATW Nursery News – bears, games and capacity

Nursery has had a busy week! We have been reading ‘Snow Bears’ which encouraged us to make up actions for the games the bears were playing and made us think about different games we could play at nursery or home.  We’ve had lots of ice play. We have even had to to rescue arctic animals from the ice but with lots of perseverance and tools we managed to get them out.  We’ve been predicting how ice is made, how it melts and what it turns into when it’s melted.  Some of us wanted to make our own bear pictures so we used our imaginations to draw our own bears.  They were amazing! The children are very excited to be making toast this week and are looking forward to seeing if their predictions are correct.

We have been learning all about capacity and the language full, half full and empty.  We had so much fun making our silly soups using different ingredients such as coloured water and sprinkles in pipettes or jugs.  We then had to tell the adults the quantity of ingredients using our new vocabulary.  We have also been learning a new song for capacity which the children have enjoyed and made actions for. Hopefully, they will share it with you over the weekend!

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Published on 14th June, 2024

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