08 March 2024

ATW EYFS News – Veg galore!

The have been vegetables everywhere in the Early Years this week.  Reception have been looking at healthy eating as part of their Supertato focus, and Nursery have sampling sugar snap peas linked to Jack and the Beanstalk. We have also been very busy with World Book Day and all of the fantastic activities this week.  On Tuesday Reception were swapping books they no longer wanted.  On Wednesday Nursery and Reception had an assembly with the Author Margaret Bateson-Hill.  It was so much fun, all of the children singing “Chicken Dinner” for the rest of the day!  It was wonderful to see everyone enjoying dressing up as book characters on Thursday and having our reading buddies from the older year groups coming down to read with us too! On Friday it was the Book-nic, what a busy week!!!

Following on from last weeks visit from the dietician to teach us about their role helping people to eat healthily, Reception have been trying all sorts of healthy foods.  We sampled: radish; baby corn; peppers; avocado; kiwi; pineapple; plantain and pomegranate seeds.   Everyone became food critics, describing why they did or did not like what they were trying.  We have looked at where these foods came from and thought about all of the people who worked hard to help us get the food that we eat.

What a busy week it’s been in Nursery! We have had so much fun exploring a variety of books this week, looking at different prints and looking at the pictures. We also got the opportunity to talk about our favourite books and why we like them. Everyone looked amazing in their costumes, well done!

Our story of the week has been ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’ this has encouraged us to look at how beanstalks are grown, we even tried eating sweet snap peas! We pretended that these peas were beanstalks and when asked what the children thought a beanstalk would taste like? The replied ‘Crunchy, crusty and yummy’.

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Published on 8th March, 2024

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