03 May 2024

ATW EYFS News – Red buses and Riding Hoods

Early Years has been filled with red buses and Little Red Riding Hoods this week, so it’s been a very creative and imaginative place to be.

This week in Reception, we have been looking at the story Little Red Riding Hood. On Monday, we received a letter from the wolf saying that he was coming to visit us on Friday. The children have been busy creating questions they would like to ask him such as “Why are you coming to our school?” and “Why did you want to eat Little Red Riding Hood?”. The children were very excited to meet him and he went away having thought about his choices and promising to make better choices in the future.  

We have also had lots of fun in Forest Learning creating willow wands. The children helped cut down the wood from the willow tree, strip the leaves from the branches and cut them up into wand lengths. We explored the wood’s pliable qualities by bending them into star shapes for the top of some of the wands. The children used the thicker pieces to make colourful wands by whittling off the bark then colouring the wood. Spells were being cast all over Reception!   

This week in Nursery, we have been reading The Big Red Bus. We had a hole in our road so we had to experiment with what materials we could use to fill the hole to help our bus carry on with its journey.  This has encouraged us to use our fine motor skills to cut out and stick images onto buses and we’ve started to design our own buses using lollipop sticks.  

We explored Forest Learning this week looking for natural objects to make our own artwork and we played in the mud kitchen.  We looked at and held different bugs, studying what they looked like, discussing what they might eat and making sure we could find a safe place to put them down. 

We have been looking at numerals this week, seeing how they look, singing our number songs and practising how to draw each numeral in the air.

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Published on 3rd May, 2024

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