21 March 2024

ATW EYFS News – People who help us and frogs

It has been a busy week in Reception with lots of fun things going on. We started the week with a visit from firefighters from Purley Fire Station. The children enjoyed learning all about how firefighters rescue people and animals from lots of different situations, such as burning buildings and crashed vehicles. We learned about their special uniform and that they have to wear very protective clothing because of all of the dangerous situations they go into. The children enjoyed exploring the fire engine and imagined what it would be like to be a firefighter as they sat inside the truck.

On Thursday, we had a visit from Vet Katie who told us all about her job as a vet. The children learned how a vet helps all different types of animals using equipment that is similar to doctors and nurses. We learned that an animal’s temperature is taken, not by putting the thermometer into the animal’s ear (too furry) or mouth (they might eat it), but by putting it up their bottom! The children enjoyed looking at all of the different resources a vet uses and exploring the different types of bandages and syringes. We finished off with some questions. Rose asked, “What does it look like in a vet’s?”  She was told that it looks a bit like a hospital, with small rooms to take the animals into that have tables and sinks to wash the vet’s hands. Shakti asked, “How do you get to be a vet?” He was told that you need to work hard in English as you need to write prescriptions and that you need to work hard in Mathematics and science. Thank you to the firefighters and Vet Katie for giving up their time to come and teach the children about their roles.

This week, Nursery has been very busy discovering all about frogs. We have used our fine motor skills to cut out and assemble our frogs, which some of the children have named. We’ve enjoyed looking at how a tadpole develops into a frog. We’ve had lots of opportunities to play games, which has helped us to recognise our numbers, take turns and build our understanding of how to play different games. We also had a frog tuff tray, which had different materials and textures for us to explore and feel.

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Published on 21st March, 2024

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