01 March 2024

ATW EYFS news – Bees, Supertato and 5 A Day

This week, in nursery we have continued to read “Willbee the Bumblebee” and have made lots of bumblebees with different media.  We had the opportunity to see how  bees pollinate a flower by making our own bee to transfer pollen from flower to flower.  Using our fine motor skills, lots of concentration and black and yellow wool we all managed to knit Willbee a new jersey.  We had so much fun making sure Willbee would get his hum back!

This week, in Mathematics we have been sorting objects in to categories such as colours and sizes.  We enjoyed finding the correct objects for the category, creating colourful peg boards and looking at the number two.

It has been another busy week in Reception. Yet another intruder came into the classrooms and caused mayhem!  This time Evil Pea from the story “Supertato” terrorised our snacks!  He trapped the carrots and sugar snap peas by taping them to the walls, doors and furniture of the classrooms!  We wrote to the police to ask for their help in capturing this tiny terror and they wrote back with a description that confirmed the perpetrator’s identity as Evil Pea.

We continued looking at people who help us whilst also extending our focus into the fictional world of superheroes.  The children had fun turning themselves into superheroes and the classrooms have been full of costume making and hero role play.

We had a visit from a real world person who helps us.  Henry’s mum, Kay, kindly volunteered to come in and tell us about her role as a dietician.  The children learned all about the “Eatwell guide” and how our diet should be made up of different types of food.  We found out that carbohydrate food such as our breakfast cereal gives us lots of energy for the day.  We learned that we should have five portions of fruit or vegetables a day and that a portion is the size of the palm of your hand.  The children loved the idea of eating a rainbow as the food you eat should be a variety of colours.  The children shared which dairy products they enjoyed and found out that they should eat three portions a day of these.  We were all happy to learn that while treats were not part of the Eatwell guide plate, we could still enjoy them every now and again.  We finished the sessions with the children asking some questions.  Shakti asked, “Are crisps bad for you?” and Harrison asked, “Are cherries a fruit?”

Thank you once again to Kay for giving up her time to come and tell us about how she helps people.  We learned so much!

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Published on 1st March, 2024

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