16 March 2024

ATW Early Years news – Doctors and beanstalks

This week, Reception have been reading the story Zog and the Flying Doctors by Julia Donaldson.  We have been very lucky to have a visit from a doctor and a nurse.  Dr. Suthan (Aaranya’s mum) came in to tell us all about what her job as a GP is like and showed us all of the equipment she uses.  She told the children about the different ways they can keep themselves safe and healthy so they don’t need to have a doctor visit.  One of the ways we can keep from getting ill is to wash our hands properly (this is something we do a lot of at school).  Dr. Suthan showed us an experiment that demonstrates why using soap is so important as it repels germs that water alone does not. Nurse Woods came to visit later on in the week and explained how the role of a nurse differs from that of a doctor, although they both help people get better.  She showed us the equipment she uses and taught the children how to put on a bandage properly.  We finished with a Q&A session. Shakti asked, ” what’s it like being a nurse?”  Nurse Woods told him that it was fun working in a hospital and rewarding making people better.

It’s been really interesting to hear about and share each other’s experiences at the doctors. When talking about our past experiences at the doctor’s surgery we spoke about some of the equipment doctors might use. We enjoyed learning new vocabulary like ‘stethoscope’ and ‘thermometer’ and we also made doctor’s bags containing these items too. We even tried to make some of these items using our classroom resources. Some children also really enjoyed dressing up as doctors and they joined in with some role play, looking after babies!

In Mathematics we have focussed on measurement.  The children have loved testing the capacity of different containers; comparing the length of wiggly worms; weighing different items using the balancing scales to find out weighs more or less and ordering our class by the height of the children.

This week, Nursery have continued to read Jasper’s Beanstalk. We watched a video of a bean growing which helped us to understand how we plant our beans and how long they grow.  We then went to Forest learning.  We used all our muscles to dig over the flower beds and planted some broad beans.  We can’t wait for our beans to grow!

We really enjoyed exploring the Forest Learning area and seeing what animals we could see and hear.  We’ve spoken about what we think our beans will look like when they’ve grown.  Some children came up with the idea that they will be tall, spikey and have a magic egg at the very top.  We’ve also coloured our own beanstalks and used our fine motor skills to help us to cut it out.

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Published on 16th March, 2024

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