15 December 2023


When is the most wonderful time of the year in Year 2? Tudor Day, of course! This week, all the children at Beulah were invited to meet Henry VIII. Meeting the monarch is no ordinary day, so the children and adults all dressed up for the occasion. Never before have so many rich and poor Tudors walked along Thornton Heath High street. Henry taught the children of Lilac and Indigo class to greet and dance like Tudors. After meeting Henry, the children had a 14 course meal of grapes, oranges and bread. The children thoroughly loved Tudor Day and had lots to say.

Lucas said, “I loved meeting Henry VIII and asking questions.

Noelle and Fatima said, “The banquet was the best part of Tudor Day.”

We love bringing history to life for our children but we wouldn’t be able to do it without the assistance of our parents. Thank you to all the parents for supporting our Tudor Day.

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Published on 15th December, 2023

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