11 June 2024

BINF – Reception – Visit From Zoolab!

What a wonderful afternoon Yellow and Red Classes have had at Beulah today.  They had a very exciting visit from ‘Zoolab’ who brought a variety of different mini-beasts and a reptile for us to see.  It was lovely to see how brave and kind the children were when handling the mini-beasts!  We were even more impressed to see some of the children wanting to hold the mini-beasts in their hands.  When holding the African snail, one of the children said, “Miss Butler the snail is cold and slimy.”  The children got to meet many different mini-beasts including a tarantula, a scorpion, a cockroach and a snail!  We even got a special reptile treat which was a corn snake!  Did you know that if you put a cockroach in the freezer for a whole year, when you take it back out again it can come back to life!  What a superhero mini-beast!

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Published on 11th June, 2024

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