14 December 2023

BINF- Parents Rock!

We had a very well attended ’Early Maths’ workshop yesterday. It was lovely to see how keen our parents are to learn how to support their own children develop their maths skills at home. One of our parents reported, “A very good session, it will help me make my child’s homework more fun.”
We would also like to remind parents that we hold ‘Share a story’ time in Gold Class every Wednesday morning from 8:30am until 8:45am. During this time, our parents are invited to come in with their children and read them a story in the classroom. Today was our second session and there were more parents joining their children this week. During these sessions our children are really engaged and it is lovely to see them sharing a story with their parents. The children also enjoyed showing their parents their morning routine in the nursery -hanging up their coats and bags, finding their names for self-registration and showing how they use the resources independently in the classroom.

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Published on 14th December, 2023

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