08 October 2021

CYP Lower celebrates National Poetry Day

On Thursday 7th October we celebrated National Poetry Day in school.  Mrs Enahoro led an assembly earlier in the week and all of our classes have enjoyed listening to, reading and performing poetry.


Red class loved reading a call and response poem called the ‘Kitchen Sing-Song’ by Tony Mitton, enjoying the repetitive language.

Yellow class children read ‘On the Ning, Nang, Nong’, a fabulous nonsense poem by Spike Milligan.  It was a very funny poem to share together!

In Orange class, children looked at the nursery rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and wrote their own version. Check out their fantastic video performance below.

Year 1

Indigo class celebrated National Poetry Day by reading and acting out ‘The Button Bop’ by Michael Rosen, changing the speed, emphasis and volume of each line to make it more interesting.

Green class performed a poem called ‘At the Zoo’ by William Makepeace.  Can you see their elephant trunks in the photo below?

Blue Class listened to some autumn-related poems.  First they closed their eyes and thought of the pictures they could see while hearing the words of a poem called ‘Autumn Song’.  Then they joined in an action rhyme called ‘Autumn’.

Year 2

Violet and Ruby class read the poem ‘Space Doubt’ together and discussed how it linked to their current Literacy focus text, ‘Baboon on the Moon’. They considered how Baboon could relate to the feelings discussed in the poem and how the children would feel about going up into space.

Turquoise class have been reading poems related to Harvest, which have inspired them to write their very own acrostic poems.  Have a look at Marvin and Sofian’s fantastic poem below!  We look forward to hearing more during their Harvest class assembly next week.

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Published on 8th October, 2021

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