12 January 2024

Celebrating a new year in Atwood’s Early Years

Happy New Year to all of our children and families as we come back to a frosty start.  We have enjoyed running around in the snow flurries and playing with the ice which has formed.  The children have settled quickly back into the routine of the school day and have already been demonstrating their amazing ability to learn.

In Reception, the first of our bikes has been added to the outdoor provision and some of the children have been very keen to demonstrate their excellent cycling skills to all of their friends.  We have been keeping warm by doing lots of laps of the Daily Mile, with some children breaking their personal best by completing 9 laps! What a healthy start the year!

This half term is the start of the topic, ‘Watch out – there’s a monster about!’  We have been reading the book ‘Spider Sandwiches’ by Sue Hendra and looking at all of the monstrous things he eats.  We created our own disgusting meals and wrote menus for Max the Monster to enjoy.  We have enjoyed playing track games in mathematics and have been challenging each other to see who could win.

In Nursery this week we have been practising our sound of the week ‘M’ and have been finding out what the initial sound is to our names.  We have also been reading the book ‘The Gingerbread Man’, which the children have really enjoyed.  This encouraged us to go on the Gingerbread man’s journey, meeting different animals and acting out our story.  We have also been busy looking at ingredients and how to make our very own Gingerbread man. They  looked amazing and the children were excited to try them.

This week we have also been playing with animals in the tuff tray using edible ingredients. This has encouraged us to use our senses, develop our fine motor skills, encourage language and enjoy the sensory experience.

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Published on 12th January, 2024

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