20 October 2022

Atwood’s Harvest Festival 2022

Atwood’s Harvest Festival 2022

At key points of the year, the entire school comes together in order to celebrate and remember and to say thanks.  I explained to the children of Atwood that Harvest has been celebrated in Britain for thousands of years, because a successful harvest would mean better chances of villagers being able to survive the harsh winters ahead of them.

Communities have gathered for centuries to say thank you, not only to those who are involved in farming, fishing and looking after livestock, but to say thank you for the food that has been ‘harvested’.

I explained that despite the ‘cost of living’ crisis, we must remember that we are relatively fortunate- we probably slept in a warm bed last night, woke to a breakfast, can look forward to a lunch and a dinner later in the day.  We have access to clean water to wash and drink and things to look forward to.

Of course, many others are less fortunate.  For this reason, Atwood has supported Nightwatch and the Croydon Refugee Day Centre.  Both charities are entirely run by volunteers and ensure that the most vulnerable members of society are at least held in mind and fed and nurtured.

I wish to pass my thanks on to both Rory (Croydon Refugee Day Centre) and Nicky (Nightwatch) for talking to the children about their valuable work.

Harvest Loaf

This year, Year 3 and Miss Carlucci baked a special Harvest Loaf.  The loaf, which depicts a wheat sheaf was a work of art and was the centre piece of our harvest table.  Thank you Year 3.

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Published on 20th October, 2022

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