20 February 2023

Atwood supports children in africa with their reading

Mrs Hutchinson has long coordinated the Books for Africa scheme which sees books that are no longer being used at Atwood being sent to Africa so that children there can learn to read.  Here is her report:

‘We are delighted that some of our old reading scheme books at Atwood have found their way to the Kingdom of Estwatini (Swaziland). 

We have supported this village for many years now, sending them our pre-loved school shoes, football boots and uniforms. This year however they needed help to resource their school. You can see from the photos that the children encounter many problems just getting to school – when it rained earlier this month, the road became very difficult to pass and the school itself had roof damage that needed urgent repairs. 

English is a second language for these children, so having these Oxford Reading Tree books will help them immensely. We will continue to help this community who all say a big thank you!’

I would like to say thank you to the children, parents and staff for their generosity in supporting the children of Estwatini.  Please do take a look at the photos below.


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Published on 20th February, 2023

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