13 December 2023

Year 1 Trip to the Science Museum

Last week was a very busy week for Year 1 as we visited the Science Museum on Thursday.  Soon after arriving for school, we were on our way to the museum via bus, train and tube.  When we arrived, we launched into our Destination Space workshop where we discovered many new and exciting facts about space and the International Space Station.  We found out about different materials and learnt some new scientific words (transparent, opaque, translucent).  We also exercised like real astronauts and Mr Spriggs had to wear weights!  It was very funny!  After lunch, we visited many other parts of the museum.  The Garden was very enjoyable – we tried to see who could build the biggest tower and we loved playing with the water feature.  When visiting the Pattern Pod, we explored all the patterns we could see and touch and loved all of light displays.  Even though the day was action packed, we still had time to visit the space gallery and were very happy to tick off all of the items on our space scavenger hunt.  On the way home, we talked about our day and all of the fantastic things we had seen.  It was such a brilliant trip and we would like to thank all of the parents who helped make the trip possible.

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Published on 13th December, 2023

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