29 June 2023

Atwood Performs Well at Croydon Athletics

Mrs Bayliss’ Croydon Athletics Report

‘Team Atwood took the Croydon Athletics by storm again this year with 22 Atwood (Team 74) children taking part in the Track and Field events over 2 days (Monday and Wednesday) with 12 children qualifying for the Finals on Friday.  

Special mention must go to our medallists: Eloise (Gold); Jacob (Silver); Casey (Bronze); Hayden (Bronze).

The sportsmanship and team support that our children showed to each other and to the other competitors was outstanding – we are very proud to have each of you as part of Team Atwood.’

From my perspective as Headteacher of Atwood, I reflected that Croydon Athletics is a marvellous opportunity for the children; it embodies a spirit of competition yet allows the children to forge a real sense of team spirit, or esprit de corps.  See the children run, jump or throw in their events, often away at the other side of Croydon Arena, and then come back to Team Atwood Base Camp by the starting line, only to be greeted back in to the fold with unanimous praise was something to behold.

I would like to reflect on the other Pegasus schools that entered:  Whitehorse Juniors and Ecclesbourne, because this was the first year in which Atwood has been connected to a wider organisation, and so celebrating the Trust’s wider achievements and ‘spotting’ other Trust pupils’ running, jumping and throwing just added to the dimension.

My thanks to all of the staff who gave up their time to cheer the children on over the week and my thanks to the parents who also travelled down to support the children.  The SAS coaches also popped down for the finals just to cheer Atwood on- nice touch, gentlemen!

My thanks to Mrs Bayliss, Mrs Adams and the wider team for your organisation and dedication to the cause.

Finally, the the organisers of Croydon Athletics- our thanks!  The event is so well organised and run, which makes all the difference.

Boys’ Team
Arthur 55m Sprint
Jacob K 75m Sprint Semi-Finalist
David 75m Sprint
Jacob D 90m Sprint Finalist – 2nd + Relay Semi Finalist
Hamish 600m Finalist
Kai High Jump
Zac Long Jump
Toby 800m Finalist + Relay Semi-Finalist
Hayden High Jump Finalist – 3rd  + Relay Semi-Finalist
Roman Long Jump + Relay Semi-Finalist
Louis Throwing
Luca Relay Semi -Finalist
Girls’ Team
Amelie 55m Sprint
Toni 75m Sprint
Amelia 75m Sprint
Gracie 90m Sprint Finalist + Relay Semi-Finalist
Eloise 600m Finalist – 1st  + Relay Semi-Finalist
Annalise Long Jump
Katie 800m + Relay Semi-Finalist
Alaina High Jump
Seren Long Jump + Relay Semi-Finalist
Casey Throwing Finalist – 3rd + Semi-Finalist


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Published on 29th June, 2023

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