22 September 2023

Atwood Newsletter 22nd September 2023

As ever, there has been lots going on at Atwood.

Year group by year group

Our Reception children have started attending for full days and have been getting to grips with lunchtimes, playtimes and spending longer in school.  They have been busy exploring the outdoor learning areas and will no doubt be tired out this weekend.

Year one had a lovely time this Friday visiting the library.  The children were so excited to browse through all the books on display and many children were able to make links with their classroom learning by finding books by Julia Donaldson.

In Year two, the children have been busy comparing and contrasting Tudor homes with modern houses as well as publishing their stories based on ‘The Lonely Beast’.

As I popped my head in to Year three this week, I was surprised to see all the children dancing and prancing around but, much to my relief, further investigation revealed they were having a movement break to liven up their brains with BBC Super Movers.

Year four have started looking at the Romans and using a timeline to understand the chronology of where they fit historically.  In science, the children have learnt about the impact of heating and cooling on materials.

Year five have used their timelines to think about when Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings were present in Britain.  They have also been learning about the importance of keeping active to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, Year six have been getting sandy as part of their Egyptian studies.  They have made a 3D model of the River Nile and used their artistic skills to design the front covers of their Thematic books.


Elsewhere, this week has seen the launch of our enrichment club offer.  It covers everything from Cooking and Chess to Magic and Musical Theatre as well as a wide range of sporting clubs such as Tennis, Dodgeball and the ubiquitous Football.  In all, 304 children attended a club this week.  This is a huge logistical challenge so many thanks to Mrs Christopher for getting all the clubs up and running.


Café Atwood continues to grow with a steady stream of customers coming each week.  Next week, we will try opening on Thursday and Friday after school rather than the Tuesday morning.  Please do drop by for a coffee and a muffin.

Next Friday, is our first Charity fundraiser for one of our chosen charities which is the A.T Society. We would love for the children to come to school dressed in either blue, purple or red for an optional donation of £2 per child. Please give cash to your child’s teacher which will then be collected and donated.

As you may or may not know, one of our much loved pupils, lives with A.T and this charity provides amazing support for not only their family but all families that are impacted by this complex genetic disease.

If you would like to learn more about A.T and what this charity does to provide support and fund research, please do take a look at their website below. Please also talk to your child about this to help raise awareness and understanding.   https://atsociety.org.uk/

Final word

Personally, it has been lovely for me to meet some more parents this week as they have visited our year group curriculum meetings. These offer a chance for you to meet your child’s class teacher and find out more about what they will be learning this year.  I look forward to meeting more of you next week.

And finally … in perhaps the most exciting news of the week, after a long period since COVID, the water fountains are working again which means the children can get a drink on the playground at break and lunchtimes.

Dates for the Diary

  • 29th September Fundraising Mufti day- see details above
  • 9th October and 11th October Parents’ Evenings- Details will be available on Google Classroom in due course.

Mr. Robins

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