18 November 2022

ATW – Reception’s trip to the shop

In Reception we have been looking at the story, ‘The Shopping Basket by John Burningham’.  In the story, Steven is given a shopping list by his mother to take to the shop to buy things for his family and him to eat.  We wanted to do the same, so we thought about what kind of foods we would like to eat and learnt about how to make healthy choices when choosing food.  The children worked in groups to decide the healthy snack they wanted to make.  They needed to find out which ingredients they would need and then write their own shopping lists.  The children chose to make a variety of snacks including fruit kebabs, smoothies and sandwiches.

With help from the parents of the Reception children, we set off to our local supermarket armed with our lists and some money.  We thought about where the different items would be located in the shop and how we could find out how much each item would cost.  The children were all very polite and sensible when buying their food and were a good example of the wonderful pupils we have at Atwood.

Once back at school, the children used their ingredients and prepared them for use to make their snacks.  Each group worked well together, sharing the food and taking turns to chop, mix and combine the ingredients.  Everybody enjoyed eating the finished healthy snacks and there were a lot of proud faces all round.

The staff and children would like to thank all the adult helpers who enabled this to be a fun and successful trip for the children.

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Published on 18th November, 2022

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