23 February 2024

ATW – First Wellbeing Ambassador meeting for 2024

Wellbeing Ambassadors are back in Atwood after the break of not having ambassadors for the previous year.  Each class has two democratically elected members who share ideas and suggestions to help improve the wellbeing of our school community.

In our first meeting, the ambassadors discussed what makes a good wellbeing leader.  The main attributes the children thought were important are to be kind, caring and helpful.  We discussed our school’s Terrific Trio of “kind thoughts, kind words and kind actions” and how these are the foundations of creating a happy community.  The children learned about how humans evolved to be pack animals, and how feeling part of a supportive group is a key aspect of being mentally healthy.  The ambassadors all decided to be there for anybody they see who needs a friend or some help.  They practised their breathing hand technique which they can share with others who they see are feeling worried or upset before finding an adult to support them if needed.  If you feel like you need a friend in the playground, please seek out one of our fantastic Wellbeing Ambassadors who will be happy to help you.

To finish the meeting, the children generated lots of fantastic ideas we can do moving forward that would improve the wellbeing at Atwood.  We look forward to sharing what we implement over the course of this year.

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Published on 23rd February, 2024

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