Pegasus Podcasts

Here are some of the podcasts that the children have recorded and edited – click to listen.

Atwood’s LionPod Episode 1

In the first episode, Kariss and Sofiah from 5D, produced a ‘proof of concept’ podcast- basically, we wanted to know if the project would work! The girls talked about sport at Atwood and what a wide variety of sporting activities are on offer. They also talked a little bit about our Teams: Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Atwood KS2 Choir

Mr Veale decided to record KS2 singing in assembly.  He used a Zoom mic on a tripod, asked his trusty sound techs from Year 6 to monitor the levels and away we went.

We chose two songs that we love:  Sun Arise and The Tongue and then two Easter songs, Life is a Wonderful Thing and Easter Jubilation.

Now that we have learned the process of recording and uploading to the website, we will do more of these recordings for a ‘wider audience’.


Atwood’s LionPod Episode 2

In the second episode, Sofiah and Kariss reflect on their experiences at the Year 5 Residential at Carroty Wood.  They are both joined in the Lion Radio Studio by their Year 5 chums, Izzy and Nicholas.

We wish to broaden out in the Summer Term to recording our excellent musicians and story tellers as well a bringing you interviews with the Atwood staff as well as bringing you news of the sporting achievements here at Atwood.  Keep that dial locked.

Atwood’s LionPod Episode 3

In the latest edition of LionPod, our hosts interview Casey, who sings a song from the hit musical Matilda, and Darcie plays the piano.  Enjoy.





First published on 21st October, 2022 and modified 5th May, 2023

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